HDMI to DVI-I (24+5) Male Female Adapter

This adapter can be used to connect HDMI cables to DVI monitors, or HDMI cables to older televisions that have DVI inputs.
The HDMI to DVI-I (24+5) Video Adapter features one HDMI male connector and one DVI-I (24+5) female connector, which enables a bi-directional connection between HDMI-capable devices and DVI-I capable devices to overcome compatibility issues.

Note: HDMI to DVI-I or DVI-I to HDMI conversion does not transfer sound. Therefore, this adapter is only for transferring the video signal between devices. You will need an additional cable type for sound if needed. Do not connect this adapter with any VGA adapters.

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    • HDMI to DVI-I 24+5 pins Video connector – video adapter.


    • MDS Links are Dual link.


    • Connector(s): 1 x 19 pin HDMI type A – male .


    • Fully compliant with HDMI standard.


    • Second connector 1 x 24 + 5 pin digital DVI-D – female.


    • Fully compliant with DVI standard.