DVI-I 24+5 to HDMI Male Female Adapter

High Performance Connection Between HDMI and DVI Components

HDMI, the hottest high-definition digital audio/video standard, is compatible with all digital video

This DVI-I 24+5 Pina Male to HDMI Female Adapter makes it easy to enjoy the ultra-high definition video HDMI delivers with HDMI to DVI Two different adaptors let you connect new HDMI-capable sources to existing DVI-capable displays

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  • Use with HDTV, Plasma TV, LCD TV, DVD, Satellite boxes
  • Simple installation
  • Gold-plated contacts for best signal quality
  • Dual-Link Adapter for higher quality resolution
  • Easily convert your DVI-I 24+5 pins port to HDMI for hook-up to HDTV