Laser Machine Repair

We have repaired the 25 year old computer used in the Rofin Laser machine.  In this example both the hard drive and the motherboard were faulty.  Using our specialised data recovery complex we were able to recover the data from the 20GB IDE hard drive.  

Regarding the faulty motherboard we ran diagnostics on it.  The flash chip was faulty. We could have resoldered a new flash chip which is still available on the market but we could not locate a source for the BIOS program to flash onto the BIOS chip.  The only solution was to use a brand new motherboard, pentium 3, socket 370 with an ISA slot for the special interface board to work the Rofin Laser machine.  We were able to rebuild the computer with new parts so that the Rofin laser machine would operate as before.  

Our success in this case saved the expense of replacing the whole machine, which is not cheap.

We are getting more and more interesting projects, customers looking for assistance on their older lasers no longer supported. These include the Rofin line (Rofin Laser Machine especially) that can be found doing laser marking, cutting, welding, soldering and brazing, perforating, drilling, and more. With so many applications and industries relying on Rofin lasers it is vital that any downtime is kept to a minimum. We offer a Rofin laser machine repair and maintenance service  to keep your Rofin laser up and running.

Laser machine repair procedure:

Repair service consists on several important parts:

  • Hardware check and inspection. Old Rofin controller machines are still using the motherboards (such as Beckhoff EP-3BXA/L) with ISA slots which are obsolete.  This part of service includes the fixing or changing of the motherboard if necessary. We have a big stock of NEW motherboards with ISA slots. 
  • Hard disk data recovery. The hard drives used in the old controlling machines are IDE and small size, usually 20GB IDE or 40GB IDE. We always perform the full Hard Disk Drive analysis and do a data recovery if necessary. 
  • Software setup. The most important part of the job is to install, activate and setup the software Rofin Visual Laser Marker (VLM) allowing the controller to communicate with the laser itself properly. First step that we do is to recover the operating system (usually it’s Windows NT or XP), and then we are installing all necessary drivers and also setting up the software itself depends on the machine configuration. 

Our in-house technical department is one of the industry’s best trained technical staffs, with experienced engineers and technicians available 24-hours a day to provide on-site service and preventive maintenance.

We also offer the high quality replacement parts delivered with outstanding customer service and swift response times!

Call us +353 61 418384 or send us the request on and we will take a good care of your old Rofin Laser Machine.