External 56K Fax Modem

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External 56K Fax Modem connects to PC through an RS232 cable. It features Data/Fax/TAM for 56K dial-up Internet access. External 56K Fax Modem offers easy installation and cost-effective connection for residential users. Power is supplied to the modem by the power adapter.
This product is made in ISO9001 approved factory. 56K modem complies with FCC and CE approvals.


  • ITU-T V.92/V.90 56,000bps.
  • 56,000bps/48,000bps Data Download/Transmit.
  • Support voice function / TAM.
  • Full Duplex speakerphone.
  • Supports video conferencing(H.324).
  • Support V.17, V.29 and V.27ter Group3 fax.
  • Supports fax function with transfer rate up to 14.4 Kbps.
  • Data compression V.44/V.42 bis/MNP5.
  • Error correction V.42/MNP2-4.
  • Fax command set class.
  • Supports telephone answering machine (TAM) function and telephony services.
  • Package includes: 56K Modem, Installation Guide, Power adapter, RS232 Male/Female to Parallel cable, Modem Driver CD and RJ11 cable.