Convert VHS Tape to DVD, Nenagh

Come to us and get your all old videos available for your TV, laptop or you desktop right now with our VHS video to DVD converting service Nenagh or transferring your VHS tape recordings (video) to your hard-drive service.
It is important because the quality of videos on the tape deteriorate a little every day.

Types of tapes

  • VHS to DVD Nenagh or hard-drive.
  • 8mm tape to DVD Nenagh or hard-drive.
  • DV tape to DVD Nenagh or hard-drive.
  • Camcorders to DVD Nenagh or hard-drive.

How much will it cost me?

VHS tape to DVD Nenagh

1-4 tapes: 30€ per tape,5-9 tapes: 28€ per tape
10-14 tapes: 27€ per tape,15-19 tapes: 26€ per tape
20-24 tapes: 25€ per tape,over 25 tapes: 24€ per tape

VHS tape to external hard-drive Nenagh

1-4 tapes: 20€ per tape,5-9 tapes: 18€ per tape
10-14 tapes: 17€ per tape,15-19 tapes: 16€ per tape
20-24 tapes: 15€ per tape,over 25 tapes: 14€ per tape

Your own print on DVD disk and on the DVD-box Nenagh

10€ extra per disk.

What will I get?

You will get a DVD disk which you can play on your TV-DVD player or on your laptop or computer.

We can print your own cover picture on the DVD disk and on the DVD-box.

We can also supply the highest quality available of your video on a hard-drive.
For example, since a DVD has 4.7Gb of space we can give you a higher quality image, approximately 10Gb file with video format MPEG2.

For more information please contact us on 061-518338 Nenagh