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UK Plug Monitor Power Energy Meter.

LED display, easy to read data.
Simply plug this device to your wall electric outlet.
Measures various parameters: power, voltage, current.
Save your money: calculates electricity expenses.

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  • Power consumption of the power meter monitor: 0.5W
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Frequency display: 50Hz
  • Operating current: max 16A
  • Wide voltage range: 2300V – 250V
  • The set wattage display is 0W – 9999W, but the real wattage display is 0 – 3680W
  • Timing display range: 0 second to 9999 days
  • Voltage display range: 0V to 9999V
  • Current display ( amps ): 0.000A to 16.000A
  • Frequency display: 0Hz to 9999Hz
  • Price display range: 0.00COST / KWh < 99.99COST / KWh
  • Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh to 9999KWh, 0.00COST to 9999COST
  • Functioning indicator


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