SATA 2 x 15pin to 8pin Graphic Card Power Adapter Cable

Dual 15Pin SATA Male to PCIe 8Pin Male video card power cable

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Dual 15Pin SATA to PCI-E 8Pin Cable.
The current computer power supply in order to save costs, not for 8PIN graphics card power supply, or mining design or mining with a multi-graphics card when the power supply is not enough, with a single line of current is not enough.
With this conversion line can solve the problem, directly to double SATA 15PIN power to graphics card 8PIN power port, added graphics card current.
Because high-end graphics cards are used 8PIN power supply, the current is relatively large, with a single SATA port current is not enough, easy to burn line. So you must use two SATA port to provide 12V power supply to 8PIN graphics Card.

  • SATA power head connect PC host power supply SATA, 8Pin head connect graphics card 8PIN.
  • Applicable to the computer has excess power SATA power head, no 8PIN graphics card power supply use.