Impact Punch Down Tool

Krone Punchdown Tool, enables installers to make faster, more uniform connections in Krone wiring blocks with far less effort. Punches down and cuts the wire in a single motion.

With a single push, the spring loaded mechanism will trigger the blade at just the right point to seat and cut the wire to size. On/Off selector turns on and off the cutting function.

Tool also includes a fold-out wire hook and spudger tip in the handle.

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8 in stock


  • Punch Down Tool For Impact Krone Models
  • With close lock
  • DC Auto Trim Impact Insertion Tool
  • Smart appearance economic designed hard and durable enough to crimp the network cables using magnetic
  • The automatically bounce Function it does not bend easily
  • For Impact Krone Models With close lock
  • Packing: insert card packing for the inner packing standard export carton packing for the transport packing