HDMI Splitter 1 Male to 2 x same Female

HDMI splitter adapter. 1 Male HDMI port to 2 HDMI Female ports.

Compatible with all HDMI supporting devices.

Colour : Black.

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5 in stock


  • 1 HDMI male port to 2 HDMI female ports
  • Supports up to 1080P
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Suitable for one input and two same outputs, not for extended screen.
  • Not suitable for two inputs and one output
  • This splitter will always give the same output on both screens.
  • If you need two monitors with different outputs you need to use a USB to VGA or a USB to HDMI
  • We also sell these other types of usb adapters, type USB to HDMI or USB to VGA into our search box
  • We also stock a HDMI switch which gives you a choice of 3 separate inputs and one output.