4K DisplayPort to HDMI Cable Male to Male 3M

4K DisplayPort DP Display Port to HDMI Male to Male video cable.

Length: 3M

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  • Support DisplayPort v1.1;
  • Support the conversion of DisplayPort signal to HD signal;
  • Support 20pin DisplayPort interface;
  • Support up to 10.8Gbps video bandwidth;
  • Support 3840*2160@30Hz resolution output;
  • Support 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel;
  • Support one-way, single-channel, four-wire connection;
  • Support hot swap;
  • Built-in conversion chip, no external power supply required;
  • Strictly designed in accordance with the DisplayPort standard, the port adopts a lock design, and the signal transmission is stable and reliable;
  • Applicable to all computers with DisplayPort interface, DV, tablet, MP4 and other display projectors outputting to HD.