3.5mm Audio Jack + Microphone Splitter

3.5mm Audio Jack + Microphone Splitter. Using this 3.5mm Audio Jack + Microphone Splitter to split the Headphone / Microphone signals from your mobile device. It works with microphones and line-level instruments. It cannot be used to split the audio output to two separate sets of headphones or speakers. Some laptops and mobile devices will not work with all external microphones.

Note: While using this headphone splitter with PC applications; make sure that you have selected Microphone and Headphones options in Audio settings of the application.

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  • Light weight, portable and takes up very little space in your pocket.
  • 3.5mm Speaker and headphone Splitter with two male ports: one for Headphone Jack on your PC / Laptop, the other for Mic Jack on your PC/Laptop.
  • Gold plated.