56K PCI modem

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56K PCI Modem


56000bps Internal, Voice Modem
Chipset: Netodragon
Data Modulation Rates: V.92/V.90, V.34bis, V.34+,
ITU-T V.34, V.32bis,
V.32, V.22bis, V.22 and Bell 212A, ITU-T V.23,
V.21 and Bell 103.
Transmission: 56000, 33600, 31200, 28800, 24000 14400,
12000, 9600, 7200,
4800, 1200bps, 1200/75bps & 300bps
Voice Mode: Allows a sound card to record and play back voice
Computer Interface: PCI interface
Data Compression: ITU-T V.42bis and MNP 5
Error Correction: ITU-T V.42 and MNP 2, 3 and 4.
Fax Specifications: ITU-T Group 3 compatible fax machines/modems
ITU-T V.17 V.29 V.27ter V.21 channel 2, 300bps
14400, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400bps
Class 1 Fax interface
Operation: Full duplex
Commands: Hayes Compatible, Extended AT command set
Test Modes: Analog, digital and Remote digital loopback with self test
Compatibility: 200MHz PENTIUM
Auto-dialing: Touch-Tone and Pulse dialing, Auto dial/answer

Delivery of 56K PCI modem in Ireland.
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Limerick computers online sales of 56k PCI Modem and computer parts.

56K PCI Modem

Sue Its difficult to find a 56K PCI modem now that everyone is switching to broadband. I live in County Limerick and i have to use a 56K modem.

Jim There are still a few 56K PCI modems on the market for use in areas which are not connected yet to the faster feeds.

Sue My cousin is in county Clare and she has to use a 56K PCI modem. There are many parts of County Kerry which still need a PCI modem 56K. There are many areas of County Cork and county Tipperary which still use 56K Modem PCI. If you ask me I think PCI Modem 56K will be around for a while yet.

Johann I used this Pro-Nets 56K Pci modem for replacement 56K Pci modem several times and found them very reliable.

Jim Of course another option for the non technical minded is to use a 56K USB modem. The disadvantage is the extra wires and clutter on the table at the back of the computer. Gathers dust and looks messy. I recommend using the internal 56K PCI modem. I’ll let someone else explain how to fit a 56K PCI Modem.

Tech Jo How to fit a 56K PCI modem.

1. Disconnect all leads from the box and take off the cover.

2.Remove the old modem by firstly taking off the screw which keeps it in place.

3.Insert the new modem in its place and fasten with screw.

4. For Driver windows XP and Vista should pick it automatically. If in doubt use the driver CD which came with the 56K PCI Modem.

Limerick computers online sales of 56k PCI Modem and computer parts.


56K PCI modem


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