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128 Kbps ISDN Internal Passive Card

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Product Description

ISDN Interface: S/T Interface‚ ITU-T I.430
ISDN Standard: DSS1 (EuroSDN) / INS Net64 / NI-1
B Channel Protocol: Multi-Link PPP / 128Kbps‚ PPP Async to Sync HDLC Transparent‚ ITU-T V.120 (option)‚ IYU-T X.75 / T.70NL (option)‚ ITU-T V.110 (option)
Computer Interface For IBM PC/AT/486/Pentium and all IBM compatible computers with PCI bus
Line Requirements: ISDN Basic Rate Line


  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Windows Plug & Play Compatible
  • CAPI 2.0 Compatible
  • Fully Compatible with all Windows Operating System

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