Laptop Virus Removal

We specialise in the clearing of viruses from your laptop or computer. are the professionals in this field as we work on these computer virus removal limerick every day.
If you have personal or company information on your computer or laptop it is important to have it clear of viruses. The creaters of viruses write the virus programs in order to control your computer and steal information from you. They may not use the information straight away but may sell it to someone who will. Later, you may find that your credit card details have been used to purchase items in a location which you have never been to. Another example is that you may find that your saved email contacts have received an email recommending some product, sometimes an embarrising product which will leave you with some explaining to do to your friends.
In computer virus removal limerick we specialise in clearing your computer of viruses. After the viruses are cleared we recommend you install a good antivirus program, such as NOD32. There is not much sense in paying to have viruses cleared from your computer if you do not follow it up with the installation of a good antivirus program. Call us today at 061 518338 and arrange to have your computer brought to our workshop in
Recently, malware and spyware have become a bigger problem than viruses. Keep in touch with LimerickComputers for a separate article on the problems of Malware and spyware.