Charger Replacement

A laptop charger has only a certain life time. The length of time a charger lasts greatly depends on the usage of the charger. We can replace your charger as we stock all different types of chargers. We supply laptop chargers for all makes of laptops Dell, Hp, Compaq, Packard Bell, Sony, Lenovo, E-Machines, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Asus and Samsung. If we do not stock the charger you require we can order it for you.
The lead or laptop charger can go faulty for a number of reasons. Very often the lead becomes frayed due to the constant twisting and moving around of the laptop. The weight of the transformer on the ground resists the mobility of the laptop. The transformer does not share the same sense of mobility. As a result the charger cable, or lead takes the strain and over time is damaged.
LimerickComputers is a professional electronics soldering company. We can repair the charger cable in a professional manner. We have soldering equipment and the spare parts to carry out the repair. You need to bring the charger to us. See direction below.
The laptop charger or laptop brick consists of transformer windings and electronic control circuit enclosed in a black plastic box. The purpose of the laptop ac adapter or laptop charger is to change the voltage from the mains 220V to a lower safer dc voltage. This black box can become faulty, the transformer winding can become open circuit. The control circuit components are prone to failure. When the black box is the reason for the laptop ac adapter not working then it usually means that a replacement ac adapter will be required. LimerickComputer stock and sell a wide range of ac to dc adapters for all makes of laptops.

If you need an ac adapter for any other equipment we can help. Our staff are fully trained in the knowledge of volts amps and wattage. We can give you professional advice on working our an ac adapter for your needs.