Backup Caddy MR133A Mobile Rack


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Hard Drive Data Backup Caddy

Hard Drive
Data Backup Caddy MR133A Mobile Rack


ABS Plastic / Aluminium

IDE Ultra DMA 66/100/133 80Pins

Two LED Indicators for

“Power on” (Green)

“HDD” (Red)

Up to 3 Cooling Fans – Two in Front & One in Back (Two Fans as Standard

Auto-Close Door for Dust Resistance

Easy Access Auto-Eject Handle Design

Compatible with Keylock

3.5″/2.5″ & Half Height HDD, MO/LS-120/ZIP

Easy Open In-Tray Box Cover

With Ground Wire Provided

Typical Use:

The outer case is the standard CD or DVD 5.25″ drive size, so therefore
is fitted in that position on the desktop. The inner case will hold a standard
3.5″ Hard Drive. The inner case slides in and out like a drawer. The general
idea is to use this movable drive as a backup for the main Hard disc drive in
the computer. It is most commonly used by businesses to make a Norton Ghost
image of the vital business information. The backup drive can be removed to
a safe location, in case of theft or fire of the original computer. Being easy
to fit, it is a highly recommended addition to your data backup plan. Two backup
units are recommended, A and B, backing up each alternatively.

Purchase the hard drive seperately, depending on the
Hard Drive
size you prefer.

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Drive Data Backup Caddy MR133A Mobile Rack