Laptop Car Power Adapter

Notebook Laptop Car Power Adapter – TRUST Plane PW-1200p

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  • Power adapter designed for travellers to power or charge your notebook from a cigarette lighter socket or airplane seat power connection.
  • Equipped with different connectors and selectable power output to assure compatibility with most notebook models.
  • 10 letter coded swappable connectors.
  • Switchable 15/16/18/19/20 Volt (6A) and 22/24 Volt (5A) DC output (max. 120W).

Package contents

  • Universal DC/DC notebook power adapter.
  • 10 swappable connectors.
  • Cigarette lighter connector to airplane seat power connector converter.
  • Multi-languages user’s manual.

System requirements

  • Cigarette lighter socket or airplane seat power connection.
  • Notebook with compatible power rating and connection.