PCI Express IDE and SATA II Controller Card

One internal SATA port on the board with SATA plug, one external SATA port on the backpanel with eSATA PLUG, one external IDE port.

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  • 1x IDE port (support 1 or 2 IDE drives UDMA 1 to 6 !) + 2x SATA 2 (300MB/s) port (one internal on the board with SATA plug, one external on the backpanel with eSATA plug). Independant or RAID 0/1/0+1/JBOD
  • PCI-E SATA/IDE Combo Controller Card JM363. Chipset: JMicron 363. Compliant with Serial ATA AHCI(Advanced Host controller Interface) Spec. Reversion 1.0
  • Compliant wth Bus Master Programming interface for IDE ATA Controllers Revision 1.0. Compliant wth PCI express Base Spec Revision 1.0a. Compliant with Serial ATA II: Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0a Revision 1.1. Compliant with Serial ATA High Speed Serialized AT Attachment Spec. Revision 1.0a
  • Compliant with Gen2i and Gen2m Serial SATAII:Electrical Spec. Revision 1.0. Output swing control and Automatic impedance calibration for both PCI express and SATA II. Internal native interface multiplexed to 2-port SATA II and 1-port PATA. Supports PCI Plug and Play. PCI interrupt sharing and coexists with main board IDE controller