NewLink 2 Port Micro KVM Switch SVGA and USB

The NewLink Micro USB KVM CPU with attached cables allows users to access two USB enabled computers from one USB Keyboard, USB Mouse and SVGA Monitor.

Two cables (1x 1.8Mtr/6ft and 1x 0.6Mtr/2ft) are supplied molded to the switch.

No interface card or software is needed, Installation is as easy as connecting cables from the CPU Switch to your computers.

The Micro USB KVM Switch is independent of computer operating systems.

Operation is as simple as entering hot-key commands from a keyboard.

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  • NewLink 2 Port Micro KVM Switch SVGA and USB.
  • Micro Compact in size design, with cables already mounted on to the switch.
  • Hot-key functions allow easy computer access.
  • Hot Plug and play system configuration.
  • High VGA resolution of up to 1920×1440, DDC, DDC2.