External USB ISDN Adapter 128kbps, Mentor

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External USB ISDN Adapter 128kbps, Mentor


ISDN interface: S/T interface, ITU-T I.430
ISDN standards: ETSI Euro ISDN (Net 3), Japan NTT INS net 64,
US National ISDN-1
B channel protocol: Multilink PPP/128k bps,
PPP asynchronous-to-synchronous HDLC transparent,
Fax GIII ITU-T V.17/ V.29/ V27ter/ V.21 channel2
Modem ITU-T V.32bis/ V.32/ V.22bis / V.22 with V.42 error correction
Computer interface: USB connector (Specification 1.0)
Command set: Fax Class1 command set,
AT command set, Windows 98 compatible, CAPI compatible.
Monitor: Four LED indicators
Diagnostic facility: Self call with data loopback test
Line requirements: ISDN Basic Rate line
(Order from your telephone company)
Drivers included for: Win 2000,XP & Win98, ME

This Modem can be easily replaced if damaged by lightning.
It is advisable to have a spare modem in stock at all times.
Being a USB plug in device you can change it yourself without
the delay and cost of a computer technician.


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External USB ISDN Adapter 128kbps, Mentor



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