56k PCMCIA Modem Mentor

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56k PCMCIA Modem Mentor


  • Fast 56Kbps data / 14.4Kbps fax transfer rate
  • V.90 & K56flex Dual-mode technology saves you
    time and money with nearly twice the download
    speed of V.34 modems.

  • Worry-free installation
    in a matter of minutes.

  • Hot Swap capability
    allows you to change PC Cards without rebooting your PC.

  • Free Fax/Data communication software lets you
    fax directly from any Windows document or transfer
    data files at the click of a button.

  • Chipset:Conexant (Rockwell) RC56LD

  • Data Modulation (56Kbps), ITU V.90 & K56flex
    technology, ITU V.80 video conference, ITU-T V.34
    (33,600 to 2400 bps).

  • Full duplex mode, ITU-T 33.6Kbps
    / 31.2Kbps / V.32 / V.23 / V.22A&B / V.21
    ITU-T V.42 LAMP, MNP 2-4, and MNP 10 error correction,
    ITU-T V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression, Bell 212A and 103.

  • Fax Modulation: ITU-T V.17/V.29 to 14,400bps,
    EIA-578 Class I, Group III send & receive,
    CRC generation /checking available, Full HDLC formatting

  • Data Link Layer Protocols: ITU-T V.42 and
    MNP 2-4, ITU-T V.42bis and MNP 5.

  • DTE Integrated Interface Alternatives: PCMCIA interface.

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