Overheating Laptop

An overheating laptop is another very common problem that arises. Overheating is more common to Laptops than PCs because the components are more tightly packed together in a laptop. It is more difficult for cool air to replace the hot air with the tightly packed components. Signs of an overheating laptop include an increased amount of hot air coming from the fan, a noisy fan, the bottom of the laptop itself is hot to touch and unexpected shut down of the laptop. Fan draws cool air over the heat-critical components inside the laptop. Components such as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) produce a large amount of heat. This heat must be replaced with cooler air in order for the CPU to operate at an optimum level. This is why the Fan is a vital component in keeping your laptop working correctly and preventing an overheating laptop from occurring. It is important if you think you have an overheating laptop that it is fixed immediately as it can lead to more serious problems such as a damaged graphics card or even damage to the motherboard.
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