Garda Virus

To remove the Garda Virus from your faulty laptop or faulty computer you should bring your laptop or computer to Limerick computers 061518338 near Parkway Roundabout on the old Dublin Road in Limerick. We can usually clear this virus same day. If there are any other faults on your laptop you can also ask us to fix them. are the computer repair specialists in Limerick. We are good at detecting and deleting viruses.
The Garda virus is very convincing. Look, that is an image of yourself on the screen. Look, there is list of the bad things I did. Wow! how do the Garda know all about me? I guess its their job to know whats going on? Should I pay up and say sorry before this gets out of hand.
NO NO NO, Its a scam, its a virus. The authors of this virus have made this virus look authentic so that you will be enticed to pay the 100 euro. Its a scam.
Action………Bring your infected laptop or computer to LimerickComputers and we will clear this virus for you and will check the general health of your computer. Your antivirus may need updating? Ask us to check it for you.