Broken Laptop Hinge

A broken laptop hinge is another common fault that we repair regularly. The broken laptop hinge can easily be broken or can be knocked out of position after a fall or if pressure is applied unevenly when opening or closing the laptop lid. A broken laptop hinge can often lead to further problems such as damage to the laptop casing. If the broken laptop hinge is knocked out of position it can apply pressure to the casing which can crack the laptop cover. It is of paramount importance that if the Limerick Broken laptop hinge of your laptop is broken or out of position that is repaired to avoid any further damage to your laptop.
If you drop your laptop and part of the casing is broken Limerick Computers can replace the broken parts. We offer the best, cheap laptop repair service for the counties of Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Kerry. We stock many laptop parts and carry out the laptop repair in a friendly professional manner.
Limerick Computers is in the business of laptop repair for the past 25 years. Our experience will provide you with a cheap good quality repair. Call 061 518330 with the make and model of your laptop and a description of the work required. All your laptop data is safe.