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Laptop repair limerick 061 518338 specialise in fault repair of laptop in Limerick.  Laptop screen replacement is the most common fault.  Laptop Hard drive  failure is the second most common fault.  Clear laptop viruses is the third.  We have computer stocks of most parts to fix your laptop. We specialise in Laptop repair Limerick everyday.  LimerickComputers are professionally trained to repair all problems with your laptop.

I have a problem with my laptop,  it is very slow to start up.  I was wondering how much it would cost to check it out.  Diagnostics usually costs E20. Contact Laptop Repair Limerick 061 518330.  Sometimes my Limerick Laptop just freezes.  It is getting to me,  can you do anything to help.  My brother said it may be viruses and that I need to update my antivirus software protection.  My boyfriend thinks its the hard drive acting up after the limerick laptop took a fall out of the bed when I fell asleep while watching a movie.  Mam said I should not watch movies in bed but I find it helps me fall asleep.  Anyway,  if I bring my Limerick Laptop to your computer shop on the old Dublin Road 061 518330 can you check it out and let me know how much it would cost to fix.  I have photos and documents in my Limerick Laptop which are important to me and I don’t want you to lose them.  I’m always meaning to backup my photos and data but like a lot of other things I never get around to it.  No problem, your data is safe with LimerickCompters. If you want we can make a copy of your photos and important documents and save them onto a USB external hard drive.  We charge 50 for making the copy plus the cost of the 1TB drive, around E70.

Personal information is stored on your laptop.  Online banking is done on your laptop.  Friends are contactable on Facebook, email, skype.  In the evenings when I get home the first thing I do is turn on my laptop.  When my laptop goes faulty I want it fixed as soon as possible at Laptop repair Limerick. are a professional laptop repair shop in Limerick.   With stocks of laptop repair parts such as Laptop hard drives,  Laptop RAM,  Laptop Screens,  Laptop keyboards can quickly laptop repair limerick.  In business 22 years and conveniently located in Limerick, in Singland Motors petrol station  on the main Dublin Road near Limerick University.

In further articles we will cover the common Laptop Repair Limerick faults.   We will give free advice on how best to Laptop repair Limerick.   We will cover general care and maintenance. will give free advice on data backup and virus control.

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About Limerick Computers

Who are LimerickComputers and where can I find them?

LimerickComputers is the Computer Parts Website of Electronic Industrial Supports Ltd. The main business is the repair of Laptops, desktop computers, servers and Data Recovery. We sell a wide range of computer parts for building, repairing and upgrading computers and laptops. Trade and Retail customers are welcome to call. Plentiful free parking. We are conveniently located in Limerick, old Dublin Road,  near Aldi.  Phone 061 518330 (10am- 7pm). LimerickComputers is owner managed by Liam Begley.

Why should you buy from LimerickComputers

Established in 1991, We are 100% Irish Owned and are here in Limerick to give you after sales service and sort out any difficulties you have. You won’t have to phone UK, China or India for after sales service. We are here to give you a better warranty service.

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On the old Dublin Road between the Parkway Roundabout and Aldi, near Limerick University. 061-518300.


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Our phones are answered by counter staff who may not be able to give you the immediate attention you require. Please email your enquiry to, making sure to give your name, address and a call back number. When we will get a free moment we will check out your enquiry and call you back.

If you are enquiring for a part for your computer or laptop please give the make and model number of your computer. Thank you.

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