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My Computer will not start.  My computer is very slow.  Last week my computer took forever to start.  These are usually signs that either the hard drive is on its last days or that the computer is clogged with viruses and spyware.  There are of course many reasons for failure but we will consider the main two in this article.

The hard drive is make of one or more discs which spin on a shaft which are mounted on bearings.  The discs or platters are mounted in an aluminium enclosure to keep the platters free of dust.  Data is stored on the platters in an array of zeros and ones.   A printed circuit board on the external side of the hard drive includes a translator which converts the zeros and ones to alphabetic and numeric language.   The surface of the hard drive is made up of magnetic material which can be orientated to represent either zeros or ones.  Millions or even Billions of these zeros and ones comprise the memory of the hard drive.

What can go wrong with the hard drive?   Well,  for starters dust can get into the area of the platters,  either from wear and tear of the bearings and other moving parts or in through the vent hole, which then contaminates the zeros and ones.  The data no longer reads as it was saved. The data is damaged.  The operating system of the computer no longer makes sense.  The computer tries to start but is missing some instructions.  Initially, when the damage is slight the computer repair limerick can start slowly but later as the damage builds up the operating system has difficulty starting until it eventually  gives up.  The failure of some areas on the platter surface of the hard drive is known as bad sectors.  Some operating systems have the ability to recognise when a sector is giving up and will move the data therein to  a new good sector,  thus allowing the hard drive to survive longer.  However, hard drive deterioration rarely stops at that.  Bad sectors continue to occur until eventually the operating system loses a vital part of its system and fails to start.  Reloading the operating system may get the computer going again, because the clean operating system will be loaded only onto good sectors but very soon more bad sectors will develop until the operating system fails to start again.  At computer repair limerick we have diagnostic tools which  tell us when a hard drive should be replaced.  If a hard drive is failing there is little point in reloading the operating system.  The hard drive should be replaced.   If there is important data on the hard drive it should be backed up to avert its loss or to avoid the expense in recovering the data.

If the bearings inside the hard drive seizes, it may be possible to free them up for long enough to copy the data.   Once the bearings act up that hard drive should no longer be used and should be replaced.  A data recovery company is usually required to perform this operation of recovering data from seized bearings, thats if the data is important.

Computer repair Limerick.  Another reason for hard drive failure is the sudden death of the printed circuit board on the side of the hard drive.  On this PCB are electronic components which are manufactured to specifications which are designed for voltages which normally occur on the circuit plus a small tolerance level.  However, if an excess voltage occurs on the circuit, which exceeds the designed value of the components then failure of the components may occur.  This over voltage may occur if lightening strikes the mains supply to the computer or a large machine in the area causes a spike in the voltage.   These voltage spikes may cause the PCB to fail.  PCBs have built in zener diode protection which ground the excess voltage but repeated over voltages will eventually destroy the zener protection, the security guard is shot,  leaving the other components unprotected.  Next time when there is an over voltage the working electronic components get taken out and the hard drive fails.  In this scenario, you don’t get any warning.   The possibility of this happening necessitates the frequent backup of data or the use of a RAID data setup.  Get expert computer repair limerick advice from 061 418384.  If you live in a frequent lightning area you should use a UPS, uninterruptible power supply to isolate voltage spikes.  Powering your computer box through a UPS is sufficient,  the monitor and other devices can be powered straight to the mains as normal.  The UPS will then last longer.  A UPS provides the dual purpose of isolating voltage spikes and in the event of total power failure allowing the operator to perform a controlled proper  shutdown of the computer.

Motherboard failure, apart from the financial loss, is not so bad.  It results in the expense of replacing the motherboard but usually the data on the hard drive is OK and can be transferred onto a new computer.  Motherboard failure can be due to an over voltage coming in to the motherboard through one of the ports, could be the Ethernet or USB or other interface port.  Over voltage can be local on the motherboard, necessitating the insertion of an interface card like an Ethernet NIC card or can be over the complete motherboard voltage supply circuit.   If for example, a power supply failure delivers an excess voltage to the complete circuit then many components on the motherboard will fail and the motherboard will have to be replaced, as well as the power supply. have the knowledge and experience to fix all types of problems for computer repair limerick.

The cost of troubleshooting and replacement of parts should be weighed up against buying a new computer altogether.  With technological advances, computers are faster and cheaper than the previous models.  When a failure occurs the opportunity should be taken, if possible, to upgrade.  The rule is that if the cost of repair is relatively low then go ahead with the repair, but if the damage is extensive, then replacing the complete computer and moving over the data should be seriously considered.  However, some specialised programs are not available with the new system and computer repair limerick of the old system is necessary.  To make a proper evaluation and to discuss the options bring the faulty computer to our shop and we can discuss it there.  There is no need to bring the cables, keyboard or monitor.  We have plenty of these computer supplies in our limerick computer store.

Your computer can be slow starting due to the infection of viruses.  A virus is usually a software program designed for financial gain or for fun.  The result, apart from the slowing of your computer can be the stealing of your information for the purpose of financial gain or with the intent of causing problems and headaches for the owner of the data.  Computers are normally connected to the internet which then makes a connection not just for the user to access web pages on the Internet but for other Internet users to work their way backwards into your computer.  You need to protect yourself and your computer from other Internet users gaining access to your computer.   Access is usually initiated from your computer through a virus, or small program which will open ports on your Internet router and will link onto a remote server from which other programs are then downloaded onto your computer thus giving the virus operator more control over your computer.  The initial virus program is normally installed unknowingly by yourself onto your own computer, hidden in data which you install or download.   The purpose of an antivirus program is to constantly watch out for these hidden program, to warn you when you are about to be infected and to delete the virus.  Some antivirus programs are better that others.  Some are so protective that they will slow down your computer and make their use annoying.  Some antivirus programs are free, but you know, if they did a good job, then the paid anti viruses would not sell.  You need to discuss you antivirus needs with  Our computer engineers in our Limerick computer shop are dealing with viruses every day of the week.  Local best price,  Computer repair limerick is our business. Computer repair Limerick is located on the Dublin Road in Castletroy near Limerick University.

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